Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The British Royal Marine Corps' Influence on The United States Marine Research Paper

The British Royal Marine Corps' Influence on The United States Marine Corps - Research Paper Example This paper is dedicated to the study of British Royal Marine Corps’ influences on the United States Marine Corps. The United States attitudes and reactions to the presence of the British corps in their land. When the British gained control of the United States Maritime, they resulted in treating the United States residents as akin to slaves. Stating that the British treated United States Corps cruelly would be an understatement. This was bound to evoke feelings of reprisal in the community of the United States’ Corps. In order to understand the complexities of the reactions of the United States corps towards the British corps, it is imperative to first analyze the manner in which the British authority treated the Indians. The facts that have been publicized concerning the British rule in United States corps give a glimpse of the sad realities that faced the population of the Briton at that time. With respect to the British population in India at the time, the Indians di d not have any rights. An example of the treatment they faced is best exemplified by the fact that they were not allowed to walk on the sidewalks next to the British. Failure to adhere to this and any other baseless law resulted in the incarceration of the Indian outlaw. It is right to refer to wrongdoers as such since they basically received treatment akin to outlaws. While inside the jails and prisons, the Indians were severely beaten and abused by the commanding British police officers. The treatment of the United Corpse at that time is akin to the treatment of the black population by the Americans in the nineteenth century.

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