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Most Creative musician Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Most Creative musician - Essay Example His early career was spearheaded when he joined his brothers’ band called â€Å"The Jackson 5† in 1964. Michael Jackson is known for his famous creations in song, dance, and philanthropy. In his solo career, he released hit songs such as Beat It, Billie Jean, Thriller and Black or White, which became number one hit songs in the U. S. Billboards. These songs were important because they helped him break down the racial barriers at that time. Being black, he faced many challenges and racial prejudice that could have hindered his career advancement. Therefore, he chose to appeal to his audience through songs and eventually earned his place as the first black to have his music played in MTV. He also co-wrote a charity song with Lionel Richie in 1985 called â€Å"We Are the World.† The song was released globally to help create awareness on the degrading conditions that children born in poor families, in the United States and Africa faced. The song sold an estimated thi rty million copies and the money generated was distributed to various charitable foundations to help improve the lives of children suffering from hunger and diseases. As a result, he was awarded four Grammys for his philanthropic efforts. In addition, his creativity in dance is unrivaled. He is famous for creating complicated dance styles that he named â€Å"robot† and the â€Å"Moonwalk.† These styles, coupled with his white-sequined glove, became his signature styles. As a result, he earned himself a place in the Dance Hall of Fame as the first and only dance from pop and rock music. These dance styles still feature prominently in the work of current musicians, some with smaller variations. That notwithstanding, he established the Heal the World Foundation in 1992, which aimed at bringing underprivileged children or those who were terminally ill to his ranch to enjoy themselves on the park rides. He wanted to put a smile on such children who had little or nothing-goo d going for them in their lives (Lewis, 2013). Through his foundation, he donated millions globally to help support children in war-stricken countries, and supported thirty-nine charities. Unlike many famous celebrities who only think of furthering their ambitions, Michael Jackson chose to give back to the community and help alleviate hunger and disease in children round the globe. This, in my opinion, makes him exceptional. His other famous creations include his bestselling poetry book â€Å"Dancing the Dream† and his famous hit song â€Å"Man In the Mirror† through which he gives an insight into the kind of man he is, his personality and character (Huey, 2006). These were essential in aiding his fans know him and identifying with his music. Despite the many controversies that rocked his career in the mid-1990s such as changing his appearance and the child sexual abuse accusations, he remains the most successful entertainer of all time and the unrivaled â€Å"King of Pop.† All artists find inspiration from the creative surroundings chosen by them. A creative surrounding comprises of the physical environment, a feeling, or favorable circumstances that trigger the creativity of an artist. It is that which gives inspiration and helps formulate the idea that the artist has in mind for his work. A creative environment varies from one artist to another including spending more time in one’s own head, relaxing in a chair, going for a walk, daydreaming,

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