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Applied research methods Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4750 words

Applied methods - Research Proposal Example Opening up another store is a part of the rigorous expansion plan that the business has on its cards ( Debenhams plc is a UK based retailing business, operating as a departmental store within UK and across various countries. It is also listed at the LSE by the symbol DEB. The business was formed centuries back in 1778. As of April 2009, the company owned over 150 outlets and 40 franchises ( The revenues for the firm, for the year 2008, exceeded GBP 1.8 billion, while operating income was in excess of GBP 170 million; the net income figure remained over GBP 70 million, with an employee base of over 27,000 individuals ( Based on the above discussion, it can be stated that the aim of this research is to conduct the various research techniques, primarily the questionnaires and focus groups on the prospect customers and interviews from the company officials (as the later chapter of proposed study states). The underlying objective of the research would be to realize the realistic conditions and ground realities amongst the prospect customers that are they actually in a welcome mode for a new store in their respective region. It is important to absorb as many subtle cultural comments about the proposed stores as possible, so a relaxed survey and focus group environment is essential, yet the retailing concept being discussed must be as realistic to the respondent as possible. The absolute ideal situation would be to conduct the surveys in a complete simulation of the real version of the store being proposed, including fully-stocked display racks, lighting, flooring, sounds, smells, air conditioning, cash registers etc. and with realistic prices, so that the customer gets a clear idea of what they are being asked to pay for and why. If a full-scale mock-up is unaffordable a large-screen presentation of a virtual simulation of a store would be prove critical. 2. Literature Review 2.1 Retailing and Retail Business Dunne (2004, p 52) states, and is agreed by various authors such as Findlay (2002, p 105), Bruce (2004, p 60), Hinfelaar (2004, p 90) and Cateora (2002, p 205), that retail sector is one of the booming sectors in the global economy today, with not just boom associated but tremendous level of competition also associated to the line of business. Retailing business is mainly the approach from business to consumer, or more commonly stated as B2C approach of a business, whereby, the goods and services are transferred from business to consumers/customers via fixed locations such as departmental stores, display showrooms, etc (Journal of Retailing, p 140). Supermarkets, departmental stores, factory outlets, fast food, grocery shops, are prime examples of retailing business, while the real companies that can

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