Thursday, August 8, 2019

Manage Employee Relations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Manage Employee Relations - Essay Example Employee relationship management plays a vital role in the management of concerns that could impact the satisfaction of the employees, which might have a subsequent effect on the productivity of the employees and the overall organizational culture. Hence, the goal of effective employee relationship management is to enable two-way communication between the employees as well as the employer, employee growth as well as conflict management. Employee relationship management consists of putting into practice an information structure by the employer for the administration and supervision of its employees. An efficient employee relationship management program encompasses all the issues and problems that are concerned with the association between the employer and its employees (Gennard, J. & Judge, G., â€Å"Employee Relation†). The report reviews and discusses various imperative issues pertaining to employer-employee relationship. ... Review of Various Issues in Employee Relationship Management Employee Relations Strategy Employee relations strategy relates to the approach on how to enhance the employee’s commitment to the accomplishment of the business aims and objectives of the organization in a number of diverse scenarios. Employee relations strategies also make certain that changes in the organization are accepted amongst the employees. This necessitates an amalgamated strategy towards employee management so that a jointly emphasized and unified set of employee policies as well as practices can be built by the employer. The employee management strategies of an organization control its business performance. Thus, it is imperative to have appropriate practices of employee management in order to gain organizational competitiveness (Gennard, J. & Judge, G., â€Å"Employee Relation†; Farnham, D., â€Å"Employee Relations in Context). Employee Communication Strategy The costs to a business organizatio n due to inefficient employee communication are very high. This is because inefficient communication between the management of the organization and the employees could lead to communication gap which might result in low employee morale and competence of the business. Effective employee communication has a strong positive association with employee understanding, since apt, pertinent and precise communication assist in the process of comprehension of corporate strategies as well as goals by the employees (Gennard, J. & Judge, G., â€Å"Employee Relation†). Promotion of the Business as a Potential Employer Sound employee relationship management assists in the promotion of the business, as it enhances the employee loyalty and employee morale in addition to

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