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The Work of Discipleship Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

The Work of Discipleship - Research Paper Example Majorly, Christology bases on the Apostolic Age of the gospel that is during the days of the apostle Paul. The themes and ideas of Paul were built on the worship of Christ as Lord and Christ’s pre-existence, forming the epicenter of Christology. There have been arguments to the fact that there are several Christophany cases in the Old Testament and that the numerous biblical records account for the preexistence of Jesus Christ. In this aspect, the term Christophany is a term that is considered to be more appropriate as compared to the term Theophany because of the belief that God’s visible manifestations represent the pre-incarnation of Christ. 1There have been arguments pointing to the fact that the Old Testament’s records of the appearing of the Lord’s Angel were Christ’s pre-incarnate. The Angel of the Lord is understood by many to be a theophany that is true. Over the years, especially after the Apostolic Age, the early church was thrown into debates that often got politicized and fierce concerning issues that are interrelated in Christianity. Among the issues that were being debated was Christology, with the matter finding its way to the ecumenical councils as a contentious issue. These coun cils were dubbed as the Christological councils that base their focus on the teachings of the condemnation of interpretations that were incorrect regarding Jesus Christ’s life and works. St. Thomas Aquinas was the first to provide a systematic Christology in the 13th century. His view was instrumental in the resolution of a good number of issues that were there at that time. Aquinas in his Christology focused on the championing of the view of the perfection of the human attributes of Christ. Through the middle ages, there was the witnessing of the emergence of a different view of Christ as being a source of comfort and love and true living friend in addition to being the Lord. 2Modern Christology, therefore, seeks to

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