Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Demonstrate how your knowledge of contemporary families informs real Essay

Demonstrate how your knowledge of contemporary families informs real life experiences or issue - Essay Example John spent a good portion of his time managing the family business. Lastly, the house girl and the garden boy with the core activities of ensuring the entire house and the home compound business are at all times up to date. They are therefore regarded as the in-house and compound managers respectively. All my family members leave in peace and big harmony with one another. A family should ensure that children within the family are satisfactorily brought to meet the best social requirements, into the norms and values of the society. This is highly necessary due to the fact that children are born with believes that whatever is happening is because of them. To remove the egocentric mind in the children, the family has an obligation of teaching children how to socialize with other people and respect the societal rules (Williams, Stacey & Carl, 2005). My family is doing this through offering protection from the complicated society at all times. It also recognizes the importance of we being socially up right and thus ensuring that we attend peer meetings and plays in order for us to learn that other people exist and deserve fair treatment as we do. This act has been of great deal in developing and improving our social standards and understanding towards others. Grownups within my family also voluntarily take a teaching role by teaching us the right social behaviors and the importance of having the right norms in the society (Russon, 2003). The family should also provide economic support for other family members. This takes many forms ranging from provision of food, medical requirements and financial assistance and offering economic advices to each other during the hard economic times. It is through such economic support that family alleviates the suffering of its members resulting in a general reduction in human suffering during hard economic situations (Williams, Stacey & Carl, 2005). My family does

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