Tuesday, September 17, 2019

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Theodore Levitt’s contribution to marketing is undoubtedly un-measurable in any quantity, un-describable in a matter of words and unfathomable to any one who did not have the chance to meet the legendary scholar. The German moved to America after serving in the Second World War, where he received a PhD from the Ohio State University in economics. He later acted as a Professor in Harvard Business School and went on to become an editor for the â€Å"Harvard Business Review† (1985-1989). Through the captivating articles he wrote for this, he changed the face and idea of marketing completely. What could have once been summed up in four Ps; price, product, place and promotion, now had depth, dimensions and true meaning. In a few short pages Levitt had the ability to expand, alter and moderinise marketing. The economist managed all this through his compelling article â€Å"Marketing Myopia† in which he describes how too much attention is paid to the product and n ot enough to the consumer. This was a foreign outlook, which no longer looked at just the physical good and maximizing profits but at who was purchasing this product and attempting to entice them to repeat purchase. He saw globalisation as a future phenomenon and saw standardisation as key to global success for a business. Theodore Levitt also had a profound impact on the lives of his students, colleagues, family and friends. He influenced them to think in new ways and to push the boundaries on how they saw the world. The German-American professor contributed greatly to the world of marketing and looked at businesses, selling products and service and where and how to sell them, in a new light. Levitt’s article â€Å"Marketing Myopia† (1960), which won the McKinsey Award in 1960 (h... ...with the improvements in technology. Everyone wants what everyone else has. The days of customisation and originality are long gone. His ability to influence new thinkers was he greatest attributes. He was both provocative and startling which made him so bold and brilliant. People were intimidated by his presence and wanted to keep up with him. His trail of thought never stopped and he unconditionally allowed this brilliance to be shared with all of those whom he came into contact with. His writings and words touched the lives of various people and allowed them to explore new areas. Theodore Levitt’s contribution to the marketing world knows no bounds nor will it ever. His simplistic, long-term, future focused ideas changed the world of business and served as a spin-off effect for other scholars allowing his work to assist in the future of marketing.

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