Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Sourcing and Securing Talent Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Sourcing and Securing Talent - Essay Example Delta Service has high hopes for this new division and they want a 'contribution mentality' in place. As the newly appointed HR Manager for this company, I have been tasked to take charge of recruiting and sourcing new talents for the new division. Further, to be able to achieve a 'contribution mentality', I have been tasked to present an appropriate reward and recognition system. With thorough research and analysis, here is the report on how the division will be made. Recruitment and Selection At present time, recruiting new talents to a company is very competitive. Bolton (1997) states that there are many companies who invest on recruitment strategies to make sure they have the best talents on board. Employees are essential and compose a big part of the success of the organization and McKenna & Beech (2009) also agrees with this. And with Delta Service's new division, the company will need both new and experienced employees to form the technological innovation team. The team is to be composed of a Technical Director and three Project Officers. For the position of the Technical Director, we are looking for someone who has at least 10 years of experience in the field. For the Project Officer position, I believe it will be best to get a mix of experienced and new talents. This will allow for a good mix of ideas and creativity. In sourcing for these new employees, it is best to do the outsourcing method. By outsourcing employees, it is more probable to get fresh and new ideas for innovative products say Taplin (2007). However, the Technical Director position is an exception. Insourcing method can be done when looking for a Technical director especially if the person has been with the company for years and completely understands the new strategy of Delta Services. He will make a good leader as he knows the direction and appropriate measures to take with his new team. Here are the categories of employees that are best to employ for the new division of the company: It includes the newly graduated students, employees who has at least two years of work experience in the technological field, former employees of technological companies and employees who has at least 8-10 years of experience as a Technical Director. Now, let us proceed with the recruitment process. Again, recruiting new and quality employees can be a difficult task but definitely not impossible. In the recruitment process, we are to take both old and new strategies to make sure we cover all venues of recruitment. Tyson (1997) & Mathis & Jackson (1991) state that traditional methods include posting job advertisements physically and online and these methods are still very effective up to date. We are also taking in new methods of recruitment to reach more people. If we are to target newly graduates, Delta Services can offer attractive mentored internship programs. We can also launch a recruitment team for a job fair. We can post advertisements and job listings in key areas like colle ges, universities and youth centers. Now, the recruitment for the Technical Director will need to be more specific. The executive search for this position can be done by the board members directly or by hiring an executive search company says Geuetal (2009). Most often, it is best to find a person for this position directly. Again, insourcing an employee for this position is a good decision. However, outsourcing for more experienced Technical Directors can

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