Saturday, October 5, 2019

Go tell it on the mountain by James Baldwin Essay - 1

Go tell it on the mountain by James Baldwin - Essay Example In the story, a lot of trouble mars marriage because what connects the couple is not the connection of love but the pretence of commitment dominated by the love of money, wealth, and status. The Father wants to be associated with the fame and the respect of the future wife’s family. This greed drives this man which later turns to be sore when they finally reach the marriage life. The narrator says, â€Å"My father is only mindful of the wealth and the fame that he stands to benefit ultimately if he marries my mother.† The narrator also says that the father is concerned on the money-generating mission above any other things. The narrator says â€Å"my father only brags to my mother of the depth of his pocket and how he has money. He has to love to share with my mother.† The father is material driven. He seems not to care about anything and he has confidence in his money. He loves the taste of power and â€Å"he delights when he condemns people. He seeks to claim sovereignty over people: this is the arrogance of life that seems to content him.† The pain and confusion comes when it is evidently notable that the mother also has a different concept and weird perspective of a happy marriage. She is totally misled of what really makes a happy family relationship. The mother is dominated with ego and pride. She sees herself as the most intelligent creature on earth. This makes her to be coined in her own cocoon without being open with her fiancà ©. In any relationship where people have a lot to hide than share, trouble always shoots in. suspicion is always evident and mistrust always sets in between the couples. This creates constant disharmony and insecurity which results to quarrels and, fights and ultimately divorce. The mother is also driven by the illusions, which are farfetched from the reality. She lives with the illusions in the movie on how love affairs should be done. She has wrong concepts

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