Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Environmental Science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 2

Environmental Science - Essay Example 2. The earth’s surface is formed of plates constituting both continental and oceanic lithosphere called tectonic plates. These plates are in a constant state of motion, causing tremendous build up of energy. The plates sometimes slip under one another and at other times collide with one another. Collision releases vast amounts of this energy up the rocks causing earthquakes. When tectonic plates diverge or converge, volcanoes are formed. 3. Mining and mineral processing activities generally pollute both surface and ground water of the region, creates noise and dust pollution, alters the land use pattern, wildlife populations and natural vegetation of the region. There is a negative impact on the health of communities living close to mining areas. 4. Governments are certainly not going to stop nuclear power research and nuclear power programmes because we ask the question, â€Å"can we dispose off nuclear waste?† Nuclear waste would be generated, so we now have to see how best to dispose off the waste. Yucca Mountains has been selected as the site for a safe repository of nuclear waste based on safety evaluations of the geological, hydrological and geochemical environment including such factors like thickness of overlying rocks and soil, depth of ground water, location of faults, characteristics of rocks that will hold the repository, depth at which the waste would be stored. The material that will be used for packaging the waste and how the waste would be transported to site have all been described in detail. Based on all available information and reports, Yucca seems to be a site suitable for long-term disposal of nuclear waste 5. Earthquakes generally result in large scale loss of life and property. It could trigger landslides, cause tsunamis, damage to dams or large water holding bodies could cause floods, liquefaction could cause buildings and structures to collapse, broken gas lines could cause massive

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