Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Marketing Audit Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Marketing Audit - Essay Example McDonald’s Australia is a constituent of the APMEA group. This group accounts for almost 18% of the total revenue generated by the firm and within this group China, Japan and Australia accounts for the maximum amount of revenue. According to the McDonald’s Australia Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Report 2012, there were around 808 McDonald’s restaurants spread all over Australia as at 31 December 2009 (McDonalds Australia, 2010). McDonald’s Australia Limited operates its franchisee business in Australia and more than 70% of its restaurants are locally owned (McDonalds Australia, 2012). The head office of McDonalds Australia is located at Thornleigh, New South Wales and its four regional offices are located at Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. Marketing Audit Objectives The primary objective of the marketing audit of McDonald’s Australia that has been discussed in this report is to increase the sales of the company in Australia so a s to generate increased profit for the company. The marketing audit has been undertaken to identify the various avenues through which the company can have a 7% annual growth in sales revenue generated in Australia by the end of the year 2013. Based on this primary objective other related marketing objectives of McDonald’s Australia to achieve its target would be to open up new restaurants in different parts of the country, increase brand awareness amongst Australian people to help increasing the customer base of the company, promotion of its products, and creating competitive advantage in the fast food retail industry by strengthening its core competencies and catering to the specific needs and requirements of people based on their specific tastes and preferences. Thus the marketing audit report presented in this study would help the company to identify key performance indicators that can be helpful in formulating the marketing strategies of the company in an effective and ef ficient manner. Marketing Audit Scope The marketing audit of McDonald's Australia would be performed using secondary data from various authenticated sources. The marketing audit would mainly cover five broad aspects as discussed below: Situational Analysis: The situational analysis of McDonalds includes its SWOT analysis. The marketing audit report would try to analyse all the strengths and opportunities of the company which could be utilised to achieve its marketing objectives. Moreover the identified weaknesses and threats of the company would also be helpful to suggest ways of converting them into company’s strengths and opportunities. Internal audit: This would include the analysis of the internal environment of the company covering some key areas like human resources, research and development, financial budget and marketing strategies followed by the company. Environmental audit: The environmental audit of McDonald’s would be based on mainly the PESTEL analysis th at would help to have a better understanding of the Australian market

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