Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The Dark Depths Of Life - 2434 Words

I never knew that my fixed straight path of life will take a huge turn that day. The feelings that overwhelmed my body engraved itself in the inner depths of my mind as days walked pass by. And how much remorse and shame that continues to pile up within my soul; how painful it was to keep it hidden from the world was the past that can never be erased. If I had the power to turn back time and rewrite that whole day, will my life be the same as now? But as I continue to search for my lost one, the feeling of true love can never be conveyed within me ever again. As the sun shone radiantly, the memories of 8 years ago still presented itself in front of my eyes. Why was there rain instead of stars in the sky? Why was this sky covered in†¦show more content†¦I don t! What made you think that? I put on a strong mask to portray the strong rejected No. Their eyes dilated as they sharply stared at the self-confidence body. They grinned directly at me but their gazes soon stopped staring at me. I follow their sight of light; a girl - no... it was Jyotsna, standing with a disbelief face. What have I done? My self-confident composure slowly peeled itself off my bare skin. I retreated and ran into the library. From that day on, I never dared to stared at her. ~*~ Many years passed by, we were both in grade 10. The world dramatically changed from that time. as the sun flashed its warmth like usual, my feelings for Jyotsna suddenly lowered itself down ever since that day. Our classes with each other dropped - there we walked on separate on paths that was parallel to each other. As the light reflects itself into my pupil, a sense of traumatic changes soon crept slowly. As I continued that mundane timetable of mine, the day where my views of the world slowly transformed itself into something else. The day where her existence soon became meaningless was the day I lost my reason to love anyone else. As the thunderclouds switch positions with normal clouds, the world s memories pierced through my body. It was normal school day for everyone but not for me. I was joking normally with my friends but the stumble of hell befall on my soul. But as the

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