Friday, November 1, 2019

Population in United Kingdom Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Population in United Kingdom - Essay Example This represent an increase by 35 per cent from the previous year, but this is lower than the net peak in immigration in 2004/2005.The net increase in immigration is due to continuous decrease in emigration. For instance in the year 2009 net emigration decreased by 13 per cent. And almost 20 per cent since the net peak in 2008.9(Office of National Statistics-Quarterly report, 2011) Declining net emigration occasioned the increase in the net immigration by British citizens was 30000 as at June 2010, compared with 61000, June 2009.This was the rock bottom of net emigration of British nationals since 2001 and a decline from peak of net British emigration of around 130000 in 200/2007. Mean while the net immigration by non British nationals was 225000 in the year to June 2010, up to 23 per cent on the year to June 2009, but lower than the peaks of over 300000 seen in 2004 and 2007.In the year to June 2010, 11.4 percent of the UK population were non-UK born. Non-UK population made up 7.2 pe rcent of UK population in the year to June 2010. (, 2011) The likely reason for many immigrants in the UK to stay for more than 12 months is education, work or look for a job. People of India subcontinent were given the highest settlement in UK.

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