Tuesday, July 23, 2019

International Marketing Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

International Marketing Strategy - Essay Example Winning back customers is the most intelligent approach to marketing. It is this very important group of customers who will spur the company to great heights. Categorization of customers is important to developing a list of genuine customers. Basically, not all customers should be treated the same because some may not bring any importance to the firm. Having done the proper analysis on the customer list and identifying the best and strong candidates to win back, labor costs associated to this mechanism is then evaluated to define the best line of approach.   Some customers may have left the company because of lack of varying selection of books on the shelves. Ensuring product differentiation is very critical, hence stocking up of the store with all kinds of available books will help boost customer confidence to the company. This comes in hand with the right selling concept mechanism. The bookstore will be aggressive by promoting its products to the market. Adequately informing lost customers of the new services in the store will immensely lure them back.The bookstore will keep abreast its societal responsibilities. Promoting knowledge in local schools will give the store an upper hand and recognition. Above all, customer satisfaction is a crucial aspect of marketing. I will ensure feedback collection and review customer views on our services. This will go a long way to adjust our services to suit our customers. With customer satisfaction achieved then wooing back the customers will be easy.

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